WordPress 5.5 New Features – Things You Need to Know

WordPress is the most popular CMS. It is used by more than 33 percent of websites online. WordPress and its themes and plugins get regular updates.

Recently, WordPress.org launched WordPress 5.5. The latest version of WordPress has 450+ improvements and bug fixes. It brings a slew of security, search, block editor, developer, and accessibility updates.

Here are some of the most important changes you must know about.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is a design pattern that postpones the initialization of images and videos and other items until the point at which they are needed. There are several benefits to lazy loading. It saves bandwidth and reduces initial load time.

WordPress 5.5 includes native support for lazy loaded media. Now your website images and videos will be downloaded when your website visitors are ready to use them.

No Support for Older Browsers

WordPress 5.5 won’t support older browsers (Internet Explorer 6 through 9). Support for older browsers has been dropped to speed up websites. This will also make life easier for developers.

WordPress Sitemaps

A sitemap contains information about the videos, pages, and other files on the site. It also explains the relationship between the files. Google and other search engines use sitemaps to crawl websites more intelligently. Your website map can help search engines discover new pages to rank.

WordPress is planning to introduce built-in sitemaps. A major limitation of WordPress sitemaps is that they won’t have image sitemaps. This is a major drawback as images can help search engines understand what the website content is about. Images can also rank in image search.

Theme and Plugin Auto-update

WordPress 5.5 will have a feature that will automatically update all themes and plugins. Many experts are hailing this feature as WordPress’s gamechanger. The feature is expected to make websites more secure. Many hackers target critical out-of-date plugins and themes to hack sites. With this feature in place, critical plugins will automatically update.

Many plugin updates may introduce unwanted issues. Before you activate this feature, consider whether it’s safer to update critical patches manually.

Outdated CSS Styles Removed

WordPress 5.5 does not contain CSS styling code that is specific for IE6-8. As a result, the style sheet will get smaller and faster to download. This is a welcome move as most website visitors (real visitors, not bots) do not use these outdated browsers.

The Latest Version Installs a Way to Check Plugins

WordPress 5.5 will be able to check if a plugin is malicious, and prevent rogue plugins from installing.

No Masonry-layout Support for Older Browsers

WordPress’s masonry layout library will no longer support IE8 and 9. If you wish to support older browsers, make appropriate code changes.

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