Why SEO Competitor Analyses Are Vital to Business Success and How to Perform Them

Knowing the competition is half the battle. One of the primary objectives of SEO is to outrank competitors. Does your website rank number one for a particular keyword? Great! But remember a competitor website can outrank your website. To gain a competitive edge and keep it, perform SEO competitor analysis at regular intervals.

What is SEO Competitor Analysis?

An SEO competitor analysis involves conducting an in-depth analysis of a competitor’s SEO strategy. During an analysis, study the keywords for which your competitor ranks and different types of content they use. Analyze their backlinks and website structure.

Competitor analysis can be a tedious and time-consuming undertaking. It involves collecting and processing loads of data. To reduce overwhelm and ensure smooth sailing, many SEO agencies in Mississauga and elsewhere use SEO competitor analysis tools designed to help with data collection and analysis. These tools also help generate competitor analysis reports.

The Importance of SEO Competitive Analysis

There is always scope for improvement. SEO competitor analysis should be an ongoing initiative, not a one-time exercise. An SEO competitor analysis can reveal what your competitors do better than you and the chinks in their armor. You can take a leaf from your competitor’s book and exploit their weakness to get ahead of them.

When done correctly, SEO competitive analysis can help you save time, effort and resources. It eliminates the need for starting research from scratch. You can see what your competitors are doing and apply the tips and techniques you learn to your own SEO efforts.

How to Conduct an SEO Competitor Analysis?

Steps to conducting an SEO competitor analysis

Identify Your Competition

First and foremost you need to know who you are up against. Any website competing for the organic search queries you are also competing for is an SEO competitor. Do SEO comparison and research on multiple keywords and make a list of top 10-20 websites that rank for them.

Your SEO competitors will be different for different topics. Before publishing or optimising a page, you need to know who you are competing against and for what. Analyze data to uncover hidden insights.

Because you may be analyzing thousands of keywords and web pages, consider using an SEO platform. These tools help analyze different metrics. Some tools provide users with different competitor reports including a handy table that shows the intersection between them and their competitors.

Conduct Page Analysis

Analyze a competitor website and its top-performing pages. See what keywords they are using and how they were incorporated into the content. This is called keyword gap analysis. It also involves finding keywords your competitor is ranking for, but you aren’t.

There are several benefits of keyword gap analysis. A keyword gap analysis can reveal opportunities to create new category/service pages and a wealth of content ideas.

Some competitor analysis tools have a content gap feature that identifies keywords that rank for domains specified by users. After you have uncovered relevant keywords, create a page dedicated to ranking them. With a page dedicated to ranking relevant keywords, you will have several opportunities to lead your target audience to your site.

Consider analyzing a competitor’s backlink statistics. Look at what sites are linking back to their content and how it is impacting their domain rank and authority. Use your findings to build an effective link-building strategy.

Focus on Popular Keywords With High ROI

Focus your competitor analysis efforts on high-potential keywords that will generate more revenue. Try to rank for keywords that will bring you more leads for your products. Create compelling content that addresses your customers’ pain points.

The idea is to identify and fill in a gap-may involve ranking for a low-competition keyword or creating simple, yet thought provoking content.

Analyze Your Competitors’ SERP Feature Strategy

Optimizing for SERP features in Google is a critical SEO success factor. You also need to check what SERP features your competitors are capturing. Look for any trends that show how they’re doing it.

Many tools allow users to see what types of features are usually popping up on the SERP alongside which features they and their competitors are capturing.

Create and Implement a Content Strategy

Use data to create an SEO competitor analysis report. Use findings from your report to build your content strategy. Create a list of the most relevant keywords and content ideas and save it.

Some competitor analysis tools have a built-in feature that allow users to add selected content ideas and keywords to a specific list and export them to a spreadsheet, speeding up the process of creating SEO competitor analysis reports.

Analyze Results

After you have published new pages or re-optimized your existing pages, track their performance. Conduct keyword audits and generate competitor analysis reports at regular intervals. Compare actual results to expected results and determine causes for any deviations.

A thorough competitor analysis is a time-consuming exercise. Identifying and analyzing competitors is a specialized task. If done incorrectly, an SEO competitor analysis can produce misleading results that can lead your business down the wrong path. At DiziExperts, we have years of experience performing SEO competitor analyses. We are committed to helping businesses uncover trends and identify what they are doing right and areas for improvement. To discuss your project with one of our SEO experts, call +1 905 448 2900.

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