Why Hire a Google Ads Consultant?

Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising platforms. It provides a  cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audience. When you use Google Ads, you have full control of your campaigns at all times and can stop, adjust or pause your bids at any time.

Google Ads can help build brand awareness, increase site traffic and improve conversion rate. Google Ads allow you to harness intent and are more effective than many other forms of advertising.

What Does a Google Ads Consultant do?

Many businesses hire a Google Ads consultant-can be an advertising agency in Ottawa or an individual to assist their teams with Google Ads. Google Ads consultants are often Google Ads certified. Some consultants are a Google Partner or Google Premier Partner. A Google Ads consultant can help maximize results and reach the right audience.

Google Ads consultants specialize in PPC advertising and display advertising. Many Google Ads consultants offer detailed and customized Google Ad campaign recommendations, while others come up with recommendations and also handle all the tasks associated with executing the strategy they recommend.

Some common tasks that Google Ads consultants perform are

  • Auditing existing campaigns: Google Ads consultants evaluate their clients’ current campaigns to identify the ads that are producing the desired result and the ones that need improvement
  • Optimizing landing pages: Google Ads consultant optimize landing pages to ensure users take the desired action once they are directed to a landing page after clicking on an advertisement
  • Adding new keywords to ads or adjusting the existing ones: Google Ads consultants keep up with the latest trending searches. They target and bid for high-traffic keywords and adjust the existing ones to maximize their potential

3 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Google Ads Consultant

Consultants are Subject Matter Experts

Google Ads are well versed in the operation of the advertising platform. A consultant will not only help you craft an effective Google Ads strategy, but will also implement and monitor it  to ensure your ads deliver solid results. Your consultant will come up with ideas to improve campaign performance and maximize your advertising budget.

They Keep up With Trends and Developments

Google’s advertising platform has come a long way and is still evolving. We can expect Google to come up with updates in the future. A Google Ads consultant stays on top of trends and can help you ride them to improve the effectiveness of your ads.

They can Save you Time

Monitoring ads is a time-consuming activity. When you hire a Google Ads consultant, they manage all aspects of Google campaigns allowing you to focus on your most important tasks.

At DiziExperts, we help businesses maximize advertising ROI. Whether you plan to build a new Google Ads strategy from the scratch or want to optimize an existing one, we can help. To consult one of our Google Ads experts. call 1 905 448 2900.



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