Top SEO Trends to Watch out for in 2020

SEO is constantly evolving. Best SEO practices today can fall out of favor tomorrow. Google introduces algorithm updates at regular intervals. To keep up with the dynamic nature of SEO landscape, SEO professionals must upgrade their skills constantly and keep pace with developments in their field.

With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at some trends that are expected to rule the SEO industry this year.

Search Engine Result Pages Will get More Consolidated

Search engine result pages or SERPs are served to users when they search for something online. Google and other search engines continuously evolve their SERPs.

Over the years, the percentage of ad share has increased rapidly. Featured snippets have started getting a major chunk of clicks. The People Also Ask feature has grown in prominence. A search carousel for videos has been added above the organic search results.

Thanks to these features and changes, the share of organic clicks has plunged from 50 percent to just 10 percent. The number of zero-click searches/snippets is going up.

These changes will bring new challenges for marketers. Conventional thinking is no longer effective. To drive traffic to your website, you need to think out of the box and implement omnichannel marketing and target long-tail keywords.

Influencers Will Play an Important Role in Improving Website user engagement

Google and other search engines continuously measure engagement metrics such as dwell time, bounce rate, click to call, time on page, and return visits to evaluate the quality of your content and rank it in search results.

Many SEO experts believe that influencers will play a key role in improving engagement metrics in 2020 and beyond. Brands and content endorsed by influencers will get more shares, likes, and comments. If you are yet to join hands with an influencer, now is the right time to get one onboard.

Video content Will Continue to Gain Prominence

There are several reasons to incorporate video in your content strategy. Videos help create an emotional connection. Video is the most engaging type of content and can help deliver value at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

A study predicts that the average online video consumption will continue to rise steadily in 2020 and beyond. In 2018, netizens spent an average of 67 minutes a day watching online videos. This figure is expected to increase to 100 minutes a day by 2021.

85 percent of consumers want more video content from brands. Video content is highly effective in driving purchases. 84 percent of consumers say they were convinced to buy a product or avail a service after watching a video by the brand.

Use videos to educate your audience and build trust. Tell engaging stories using powerful visuals. Create personalized content. When creating calls to action, incorporate elements in your video that relate to other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Mobile-Friendliness Will Continue to be a Significant Ranking Factor

The number of people who use their mobile devices to access the Internet is increasing with each passing year. No wonder mobile-friendliness is a significant ranking factor. In 2019, mobile-first indexing was enabled by default for all new websites.

Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. A mobile responsive website can help build credibility. Here are some tips to optimize your website for mobile.

  • Compress images. Make CSS as light as possible
  • Use large font sizes
  • Get rid of annoying and frustrating pop-ups
  • Do not use Flash
  • Keep your web design simple
  • Button sizes should be large enough to work on mobile devices
  • Regularly test your website for mobile friendliness

Voice Search Will Dominate SEO

With the growing use of mobile devices, voice searches are becoming a popular trend among netizens. Voice searches can be performed both on smartphones and home voice assistants.

A study by Gartner predicts that 30 percent of all browsing sessions will include voice search by 2020.Voice-based shopping is expected to rise to $40-billion by 2022.

Voice searches are more natural and conversational than text-based searches. Voice searches make life easier. You can multitask while performing a voice search. Plus there is no waiting involved as you get instant answers to your questions.

Here are some ways to optimize your website for voice search.

  • Make sure your website loads quickly (recommended page load time is less than two seconds)
  • Secure your site with SSL
  • Optimize your content. Make sure it is relatable and usable. Use conversational tone. Create more local content

High Quality Optimized Content is More Important Than Ever

Content is and will always be king. Gone are the days when you could get away with stuffing your content with keywords. Google’s search algorithm has come a long way and is getting smarter with each passing year. The recent BERT update will improve Google’s ability to understand the relationship between words.

To make your brand stand out from the crowd, you need to create impactful content your audience can relate to. Write content that answers questions your target audience may have. Optimize for EAT

  • E- Stands for expertise. Rope in a subject matter expert to write quality content that helps you build your authority online
  • A-Stands for authority. Your website must have authority on the subject
  • T-Stands for trustworthiness. To build trust and credibility, get quality backlinks from authoritative websites

CTR and Dwell Time to Become Important Ranking Factors

Both CTR and dwell time are important metrics. Digital media agencies in Toronto and elsewhere use these metrics to measure the success of their SEO efforts. As global attention span narrows, both CTR and dwell time will matter even more for SEO in the coming years.

Your CTR and well time tell you two very important things- a)-are website visitors getting the information they are looking for on your website and b)-how interested they are in your content.

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