The Impact of keyword stuffing in Google My Business

Keyword stuffing is a black hat technique. It involves loading a web page’s meta tags, backlink anchor text or visible content with keywords to rank higher on Google.

In the early days of the internet, keyword stuffing was a popular SEO technique. Back then, search engines were not as sophisticated as they are today and often rewarded websites that used content stuffed with keywords, regardless of whether the content provided real value.

Soon Google became aware of this practice. The search engine giant realized that more often than not the content that was ranking higher from keyword stuffing provided little or no value and was inferior to other pages with more information and depth.

Google hates keyword stuffing. As Google’s algorithm evolved, it got much better at detecting malpractice. The search engine giant comes down heavily on websites that use content that does not read naturally (with unnaturally added keywords).

While your website’s ranking can improve initially, Google will penalize your site once it realizes you are using the black hat SEO technique. The search engine site has taken an uncompromising stand against keyword stuffing and can even temporarily or permanently block sites that repeatedly violate guidelines.

Many businesses use keyword stuffing techniques to improve their Google My Business rankings. They add descriptors or words that aren’t part of their actual legal names to their business names on GMB

The Google My Business name for your business should reflect its name in the real world (the name used on your website, stationery, and storefront).

Google takes action on GMB profiles with unreasonable descriptors that don’t match the real-world names of the businesses. In a study that analyzed the impact of reporting 50 examples of keyword stuffing, Google took action on 40 percent of them.

Many businesses received a soft suspension (a business that receives a soft suspension is marked as suspended but still shows up in search results), while some others received a hard suspension (the entire listing of a business that receives a hard suspension is removed from Google).

If you are found guilty of keyword stuffing, Google can suspend your listing. The public won’t be able to access the listing anymore. You and your managers (who have access to the listing) won’t be able to take any action and can only make edits and appeal to Google to reinstate the listing.

Google can also remove an owner’s Google account and all their listings or remove a manager’s Google account. Even if a manager is suspended, the listings they manage will remain unaffected.

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