SEO And The Rise Of Voice Search Strategy

In the present competitive era, every business is looking for a unique digital strategy to stay ahead of others, and voice search is one such unique way.

Unfortunately, when more than 40% of adults rely upon voice search every day, only 4% of businesses are voice search ready. Whether it’s a smartphone or speaker, the usage of voice search is increasing rapidly. There is a prediction made by the leading research firms about the voice search that by the end of 2020, 30 to 50 percent of all the searches will be conducted by voice.

So, if your business is not voice search ready, it is the right time for your business to build an optimization strategy for voice search.

History of Voice Search:

The inception of voice technology was in the 1950s. Recently, Google began voice search primarily to help users make google query using their phones. The user needs to call the Google voice system’s phone number and wait to hear ‘say your search keywords’ announcement.

The user needs to say the search keywords after that. Other Google products like Google Maps and Google mobile apps have also developed speech recognition technology with time.

In the past few years,voice technology has progressed tremendously with the latest and in-demand devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Why is Voice Search Needed for SEO?

Though there are not many businesses that understand the importance of voice search, every business should learn to take advantage of the voice search tool in the current competitive landscape of digital marketing.

Taking early advantage of the tool will allow any business to have a profound edge over the competitors when it comes to SEO optimization.

  • It Changes the SEO Practices: Voice search has started changing the SEO practices, and it continues to improve. When search queries are done vocally, the users interact differently as compared to when done textually. Firstly, voice queries tend to be a little longer than the text query, as with voice queries, the users can use more keyword phrases. Secondly, as many users use voice search to search for local businesses, it also impacts the importance of the local SEO. With a voice search, users get to see the top results or answers instead of a full search engine result page which is more convenient for them.
  • It Drives Increased Traffic: Voice search is driving more traffic to businesses. Businesses that are using the voice search tool gain more traffic because of the popularity of the tool and because it is more efficient than the traditional textual search method.
  • It Improves Customer Experience: With the voice search strategy,businesses can improve customer experience. When voice search is used correctly, it can assist in fostering brand-customer relationships while building brand loyalty. Voice search can create an optimized and unique experience for the customers, and they become more likely to look to ward your business for the products and services that they require.
    As Google Assistant and Alexa have the capability of distinguishing voices, they can lead to more personalized content and message for their users. When the customers can find what they want conveniently and quicker, it enhances the customer experience.

Voice search is undoubtedly a cutting-edgedigital marketing tactic of the current times. Businesses can take immediate advantage of the tool to get a leg up on the competition. If you are looking for someone to help you with your voice search campaign, write to to make the process prompt and more comfortable.

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