Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO

You’ve heard of responsive design. You’ve heard about businesses going mobile. You know you need a great mobile site if you don’t have one already. You may have heard many reasons for all of this, as well. Have you heard that one of the huge benefits of responsive design is the mobile SEO value you get from having your entire site and content all under a single URL?

Responsive Design Is Good SEO

There are many published reasons for going mobile. One that is not mentioned as frequently is the clear benefit you get from simply having one website that lives under one domain name. All the searches that people have done in the past and all the bookmarks and backlinks will still be valid and will count towards your website’s ranking power in search engines. With the focus you’ll need to pour into good mobile design and determinations about how to display content on smaller device screens, you can at least be assured that the entire history of your site will continue to be valuable.

8 Ways Responsive Design is Good for Business and Good for SEO

You keep your current domain name, and your entire site continues at the same URL.

You do not purchase additional domain names or add subdomains.

All SEO value you currently have will continue; you will not have to start over.

You’ll have just one site you’re promoting.

Using CSS, HTML5, and perhaps JavaScript, your website will flexibly respond to every user’s screen size, regardless of whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Users will have a better experience with your site and will like your business better for that.

When users share links or bookmark pages on your site, those links will always work – with anyone on any device.

If your current desktop site has links from other sites, blogs, Facebook posts, tweets, Google+, and more, those will all continue to work, as well.

Responsive Design – Mobile-SEO

The benefits are clear. Maintain the SEO quality of your site even while you go mobile by using responsive design. So don’t wait on either improving SEO or going mobile. If you are looking for a company that provides reliable SEO service in TorontoDiziExperts is here to help you. Contact us today at  +1 905 448 2900, and we’ll ensure paying heed to your requirements.

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