What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-per-clickadvertising or PPC refers to a variety of digital advertisingchannels, especially tied to Google Ads paid search campaign. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is all about pulling the ‘hand-raisers’ to your site. Ithelps businesses grow profoundly. SEM is worthwhile for industries where companies need to struggle organically on search engines. With PPC marketing, any business can outrank its competitors in no time without spending on long-term SEO.

Pick any platform, and we will put your business in front of audiences when they are actively searching,and turn clicks into conversions.

We don’t use a third-party automation tool or template to manage your Paid Media and PPC. We focus not merely on campaign management, but long-term growth. We don’t just monitor the campaigns we manage for you butalso provide in-depth analysis that helps your business grow in the future. Work with Diziexperts, and you will get to see how metrics like profit can make the most sense for your business.

Our paid media team offers expert advice to convert better and make every ad dollar count.

Paid Search
  • Google Ads
  • Bing & Yahoo!
  • Paid Search Audits
Social Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • LinkedIn Ads & Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Google Display Network
  • Programmatic Display
  • Native Advertising
  • YouTube Ads
  • Programmatic Video
  • Video Remarketing
  • Google Remarketing
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Google Product Listing Ads
  • Facebook Catalog Ads
  • Amazon Ads

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We will take every pain to setup a successful
Digital Marketing Campaign.

Don’t waste your time learning the ins and outs of paidadvertisingwhile managing your business. If you have a website or business and have no clue from where to start, Diziexperts is here to help you. Let us handle all the digitalstuff for your business so that you can emphasize doing what you do best while running your business. Our steps of services include:

  • Account creation and setup
  • Access to dedicated account management
  • Competitive analysis of brand campaigns
  • Creating a landing page
  • Keyword research
  • In-depth budget analysis and recommendation
  • Creation and testing of ad copies
  • In-depth tracking of your campaign
  • Customized campaign setup,based on demographic and psychographic measures

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PPC and Paid Media Optimizations?

We believe in the resonating influence of every interaction between a brand and its customer. Leveraging data effectively can amplify the success of any marketing program while delivering brand messaging to prospects. Our paid media campaigns don’t approach only at driving traffic. Our paid media experts take pride in producing optimal results from your ongoing campaigns by making required adjustments.

At Diziexperts, we tap into the technologies and tools that allow us to laser focus your customers wherever they are to deliver the right message at the right time.

Looking into data without understanding the context can be misleading and can adversely impact any campaign. We take a full-funnel approach to optimize and improve your ongoing campaigns. Be it geo-targeting or device targeting, we build models that help us place your ad in front of the right audience and eventually pull the right customers while keeping your PPC campaign at its peak performance.


Guided by your goals, we recommend a mix of different
Paid Media Services in your monthly paid campaigns:

  • Budget Planning & Monitoring:
    to make sure that your ads appear at the right place and for the right price.
  • Audience Optimization:
    so that you keep updated about who is seeing your ad and who is converting.
  • Reviewing Monthly Performance:
    with a dedicated account manager to make sure you make the most of every campaign.
  • Optimizing Ongoing Campaign:
    to improve your cost per click and bring the best ROI.
  • Checkthe Latest Google Ads Beta Program:
    via partnering with Google to access new ideas, features, and products.
  • Creating Ad Copies and A/B Testing:
    to test your next promotion and to improve your site’s click-through rate.
  • Reviewing Conversion Rate Optimization:
    to know how your landing page is contributing to conversion and how to improve?
  • Conversion Tracking:
    to make sure that you are tracking the right KPIs for conversion to your site.

What Sets Diziexperts Apart From Any Other Agency?

Diziexperts is a team of 100+ professionals that focuses upon planning, launching, and optimizing your marketing efforts. With decades of experience in digital marketing, Diziexperts helps businesses get the best fittingkeywords, paid campaigns, and platforms that work for themto reach their goals.


Dedicated Account Manager:

Every business has its requirements and goals. Your dedicated account manager will work diligently with you while studying your monthly reviews and recommending you improvements for your account.


Measuring Your Leads:

You should be updated about who is visiting your website and who is getting converted. We keep the transparency with our clients and help them to not only track their PPC campaigns but allow getting real-time update of the same.


Google Reps and Premier Partner Status:

Being a Google Ad certified partner, we have access to the latest beta features and products that Google has to offer. You can stay at a competitive edge in the crowded Google Ads landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC helps you to increase the bottom line of your business by displaying your advertisement in front of large audiences who are also actively engaged buyers. A well structured and managed PPC campaign can lead traffics to your website and can boost lead generation for your business. You can ultimately convert the traffic into your customers and increase revenue.

Once a PPC campaign is running online, it runs itself and fetches traffic to your website, but there are a lot many things to do before and after a PPC campaign is running. A single PPC campaign doesn’t work equally throughout the year. A digital marketing agency helps you by analyzing your ongoing campaign and finds out how it is performing. It also recommends the best possible improvements to make your campaign work better with time and to beat the competition.

As your website grows older, there is more competition to make your website accessible. You need to have a monthly plan to increase the popularity of your site while being visible to your target audience. A PPC campaign is all about fetching your target audience to your website. We structure and organize the PPC keywords, write Ad copies, and create a relevant and reliable call to action for your PPC campaign every month which can be similar or different from each other every month.

PPC campaigns are not merely about increasing the budget. You need to spend your money prudently and in a planned way to make the most of it and translate more leads. A digital marketing agency can help you with finding the best PPC keywords which can bring more traffic to your website. When you increase your budget for the perfect keywords and a well-designed PPC campaign, it increases leads.

PPC campaigns are not only about investing money; it is more complicated than it seems. A PPC campaign consists of keyword research, content creation, and a well-structured budget to experience success. Trying to run your PPC campaign can turn out to be a costly mistake. A PPC expert is well known about what works and what doesn’t. They also know how to run an effective campaign to target the best type of customers for your business.

PPC and SEO are two separate digital marketing strategies, with the common goal of maximizing the bottom line of your business. PPC doesn’t help SEO, at least not directly. PPC and SEO have their own and different sets of benefits to your digital marketing plan. The target of the PPC advertising is to drive traffic to your website through paid Ads, and SEO is all about driving organic traffic to your site.


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