Niche Keywords: 4 Steps for Conducting Niche Keyword Research

Niche keywords are highly specific/focused long-tail keywords (containing three or more words) that focus on a particular vertical or industry. Niche keywords usually have a low search volume as they are related to a specific industry, however, if used correctly, they can drive qualified traffic to your website.

An Example

Let’s say you offer a WordPress to HTML site conversion tool. Some niche keywords for your business could be “WordPress to HTML conversion for small business” or “convert WordPress page to regular HTML website.”

When you look at these keywords, you will realise that they are highly specific and pertain to a particular vertical. Only people/businesses who are looking for an online WordPress to HTML tool will use these niche keywords.

Using Niche keywords

Niche keywords can help improve the effectiveness of your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Niche keywords allow you to target relevant leads and drive them to your business. When you bid on a niche keyword, you can rest assured that your ad will reach qualified leads.

Niche keywords can help you rank in relevant search results. Including a keyword in headings and paragraphs of a page focusing on the products you sell or services you provide will increase your chances of ranking for that search term.

Why are Niche keywords Important?

The problem with short-tail generic keywords is that they do not provide any information about the intent behind the query (user intent).

If, for instance, someone uses a generic keyword such as WordPress to HTML, it is very difficult to know the intent behind the search. Is the user looking for an online WordPress to HTML conversion tool or they just want information on the topic.

Niche keywords, on the other hand have a clear search intent. If someone searches “WordPress to HTML convertor for small businesses”, you know the searcher is a small business looking for an online WordPress to HTML conversion tool.

Niche keywords are easier to rank for as they have less competition. They are highly valued due to their ability to drive relevant leads.

Finding Relevant Niche keywords for Your Business

Follow these four steps to find relevant niche keywords for your business

Identify and Define Your Niche

To find relevant niche keywords, first and foremost, you need to identify your niche with these three steps.

  • Identity your industry: Figure out what industry your business is really in. If your product is an online WordPress to HTML conversion tool, you fall in the IT industry
  • Evaluate your products or services: To determine your market niche, you must first develop a detailed and thorough understanding of your products. A company offering an online WordPress to HTML conversion tool, for example, will fall in the group of companies offering file conversion services
  • Identify what problems you solve for your customers: Every business, whether it offers a product or service, solves a problem for its customers.

Conduct Keyword Research to find the Most Relevant Niche Keywords

Once you determine your niche, conduct keyword research to find the best niche keywords for your business. Your focus must be on generating a list of high-value phrases for your website and campaigns.

When choosing a keyword research tool, compare your options, and consider their pros and cons. Use a trusted niche keyword research tool such as Keywords FX or Keyword Tool.

After choosing a keyword research tool, start searching. Use short-tail keywords to find long-tail niche keywords. Compile a list of keywords you think will be relevant to your business. Look for keywords that have the highest potential to drive qualified traffic.

Analyze Your List

Now that you have a list of valuable niche keywords, determine which ones to prioritize. Analyze monthly search volume of every keyword. Alternatively, consider how often people search for that term.

Niche keywords have low search volume, however, it’s still important to see how your keywords compare in terms of volume.

Before you use a niche keyword for your SEO, determine their keyword difficulty or competition (how difficult it is to rank in organic search results for the term).

Keyword difficulty scores range from 0-100. A keyword with a low score will be easy to rank. The higher the score, the more difficult the keyword will be to rank in Google’s organic search result for it.

Determining a keyword’s keyword difficulty will help you understand how challenging or easy it will be to rank in Google’s organic search result for the keyword in question.

If you are planning to use niche keywords for a PPC campaign, remember to take a look at the cost per click (CPC) section to determine the average amount that companies pay when a person clicks on their ad for that keyword.

Armed with this information, you will be able to determine which keywords fit your goals and are suitable for your advertising campaign.

Monitor and Adapt Your Keywords as Necessary

Monitor your niche keywords to see whether they are driving results for your business. After adding keywords to your SEO campaigns, track their performance. It’s highly unlikely that you will rank for a keyword immediately.

If a page is not ranking even after a few months, consider optimizing it. Do more link building or optimize the content to fit search results better.

If you find that a keyword for your ad is too competitive, there is no point trying to rank for it. Instead, find a different keyword for the page.

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