Making the most of small-screen content for big engagement impact

Content marketers realize the importance of creating great content. To grab the attention of your users, you need to write SEO-friendly content. Optimize your content for different screen sizes.

When it comes to content small is the new big. To reach your target audience, you need to optimize your content (both lengthwise and sizewise) for smaller screens.

To holistically optimize your content, you need to capitalize on micro-moments of engagement with short, 10-20 second video clips. Digital marketing agencies in Mississauga and elsewhere need to realize the importance of microbrowser content and the resulting social shares that do not contain any referral information about the source.

Use Micro-video Clips to Engage Users With Short Attention Span and Pressed for Time

Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research claimed almost a decade ago that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. A short video can engage your user and educate them about your products and/or services.

You can use small 10-20 seconds videos to grab your users’ attention and drive them to take the desired action (can be social sharing, sale, or email signups).

Micro-videos are effective because they provide information or entertain viewers in a condensed time-frame. Take, for instance, game highlights videos. Video content enables fans to relive their favorite moments from a particular game or catch up on the action they missed without devoting too much time.

Bleacher Report was one of the first players in the industry to realize the hidden potential of micro-video highlights. It acquired the technology to transcode videos into a streamable format automatically. The technology adjusts video quality and resolution and delivers videos through a fast and reliable content delivery network.

Since Bleacher Report started delivering micro-video highlights, its video views have gone up by a whopping 350 percent. Monthly video views have increased by 25 percent.

Secrets to Delivering Micro-video Content That Your Audience Crave

A micro-video must be accompanied by an effective headline. When making videos, make sure they adjust for both portrait and landscape. They must fill the width of the screen. Getting the aspect ratio right is a critical success factor.

Static sizing is a strict no as it can break page layouts, display black bars on either side of the clip or distort the image. Remember, you have a few seconds to make a positive first impression on your viewers. If you fail, they may scroll past your webpage.

Here are two ways to create engaging micro-video content

  • Crop your videos: With responsive videos, you need to ensure that your content automatically adjusts to fit the screen of different devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Use content-aware AI and machine learning technology to do this dynamically and create multiple variants of a video in multiple aspect ratios. This one simple trick will make editing a breeze
  • Use subtitles: Most YouTube videos are played with the sound on, whereas around 85 percent of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Embed subtitles in videos to increase engagement and ensure ADA compliance

Optimize for Microbrowers

The growing popularity of mobile devices has given rise to a new trend of sharing peer referrals through microbrowsers. A study estimates that around 62 percent of people in the U.S. share links through iMessage, generating microbrowser previews in the process. Many content marketers do not account for these previews.

Microbrowser previews pack a mighty punch. Sadly, many brands and businesses fail to consider how their website and content design impact previews. Work with your developer from the beginning to develop purposeful designs. Use compelling imagery and effective video/text descriptions.

Optimizing microbrowser previews is one of the most effective ways to ensure that peer-to-peer recommendations convert. Plan microbrowser activity ahead of time. Marketing and development teams should work together to ensure the experience is consistent across all apps.

Fixing Microbrowers Issues

A study estimates that around 36 percent of links shared within microbrowsers do not have their campaign IDs intact. Whenever a user copies and pastes a link from a campaign, the original campaign is credited with the referral.

You need to understand the relationship between indirect traffic and social media to correlate where conversions are coming from. Once you understand this relationship, you will be able to decide whether to increase or reduce spend to improve your ROI.

More often than not, reporting analytics leads marketers to believe that a percentage of their traffic is coming from Facebook when, in reality, it is coming from microbrowsers. Knowing what percentage of your traffic comes from site referrals will help your marketing team plan better.

Link unfurling is an important aspect of microbrowser referrals. Unfurled links create a brand’s first impression. A person who shares an unfurled link with a friend or family member has already qualified. To make the most of the opportunity, use an engaging and accurate preview.

Marketers must work with developers to ensure content is created and designed to unfurl properly. Here are some best practices.

  • Select a compelling unfurl image/video: Use an image or video that gives the user a reason to click. If, for instance, someone sends a link to view a designer handbag, the product, not the company logo, should be prominent
  • Adjust visuals: Use analytics to determine how frequently an unfurl image or video has been fetched. Use data to uncover actionable insights. When using an image, consider the click-through rate of interested buyers. Determine whether using image taken from a different angle can increase engagement

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