Key Differences Between Web Designing And Web Development

Web designing involves designing the layout and visual appearance of a website. Web designers use images and different design elements to create engaging website designs.

No matter how visually appealing a website is, it will fail to serve its purpose if it is difficult to navigate.  Experienced web designers have mastered the art of creating the right balance of aesthetics and functionality in their web designs in Toronto.

Web development involves building and maintaining a website. Web developers code the front end of websites, which is what website users see on their screens.

They are also responsible for creating the back end or the server side of websites, which manages data within the database and displays it to the front end. All websites are written in code. Codes determine how websites look and behave. A website code is composed of HTML, CSS and scripts.

Web developers use different web development tools to make mock-ups and prototypes come to life. Front end developers work closely with web designers to develop visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

Web designing focuses on creating a great user experience through testing, design research and validation. A website designer has the experience and expertise required to create a frictionless interface and designs that convert.

Developers, on the other hand, build features and functionalities for the end user. They are responsible for debugging and testing websites. They use computer programming languages such as PHP, Java and SQL to give instructions to computers in a language they understand.

Web designing and web development complement each other. Web designers start a project by setting up the information architecture which involves organizing, structuring and labeling content in an effective manner. Next, they design website wireframes.

After designers come up with wireframes, developers enter the scene. They use the static image of the website to build a functional website.

Basically the role of web designers is to turn a static layout handed over to them by designers into a dynamic digital presentation by adding interactive elements to it.

An effective team consists of seasoned web designers and developers. Including designers and developers in a team ensures better communication, smoother workflows and guarantees better end results.

Whether you need a web designer or web developer depends on the nature of your project. You need a web developer if

  • You plan to build a new website from the ground up and want to check whether the functionalities you desire are feasible to develop
  • You want to switch from CMS to HTML
  • You want to fix a broken button on your site

Hire a web designer if you

  • Need help deciding how your homepage should look
  • Need help choosing the right color palette for your website
  • Plan to to redesign your website to make sure it conveys your core values

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