Improving WordPress Website Security in 2021

Let’s face it — WordPress security is crucial. Hackers can gain access to sensitive information like passwords or user information. Your company’s reputation and income can take some serious damage if the cyber attackers decide to use this sensitive information.

In such a scenario, you run the risk of losing your customers. There is also the possibility that you might end up negotiating with the hacker demanding a ransom. Here’s how you can improve the security of your WordPress website in 2021.

Update regularly

WordPress is an open-source platform, which is why the websites based on it need regular maintenance and updates. Although minor updates are installed automatically, you need to install the big updates manually.

These updates often entail new features that provide a better experience for the user. There are numerous plugins and themes that you can install if you wish to enhance your WordPress website.

Third-party developers are in charge of maintaining and updating these themes and plugins. They are also responsible for the regular WordPress updates. Installing these updates is crucial if you want to secure your website. Regularly update your plugins, themes, and other updates to ensure the safety of your website.

Passwords & Permissions

The most common attempts at hacking focus on passwords. Hackers attempt to steal passwords in order to gain access to your accounts. Strong passwords can be arduous to remember, so people tend to use simple passwords, usually something personal. However, this increases the chance of your account getting hacked.

Luckily, this can be remedied by using strong and unique passwords. Do not use the same password on multiple platforms as it increases the risk of a cyber-assault. Apart from that, managing the permissions of your WordPress account is another way to secure your account. Carefully consider the permissions and access that you plan to give your WordPress authors.

WordPress Backups & Hosting

Installing WordPress Backups is another way to lower the chances of hacking. Backups, as the name suggests, will save a backup of your WordPress website. In case of a malware attack or hacking, you can use this backup to restore your data.

These backups must be saved on a remote location that is not your hosting account. One should ideally backup once a day or set up an automatic backup.

The hosting of your WordPress is also crucial in safeguarding your website. Here is what a hosting company generally does to protect its clients:

  • They constantly observe their network for any irregular activity.
  • Good hosting companies use various tools to deter any DDOS attacks.
  • Their server software, PHP versions, and hardware are always up to date to stop potential hackers from abusing any security vulnerabilities in the older versions.

Using a shared hosting plan, you run the risk of a cyber-attack as the server is shared by many customers. However, a managed WordPress hosting service offers a relatively safer platform for your website. Managed WordPress hosting companies offer their clients many other perks, such as automatics backups and updates.

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