Images For Better Web Design; SEO: How To Optimize

There are several benefits of using images in posts. Images drive engagement, improve SEO and help introduce messages. If used correctly, images can create an emotional connection. You cannot, however, use just any image under the sun. Low quality images can do more harm than good. Here are some different types of images to use for maximum impact.

Stock photographs

Stock images are ready to use images (already taken and edited). There are several stock photography websites that provide images for commercial use at no cost. When you download images from these websites, you will get files in JPEG format. If you want to save space, compress JPEG files before uploading them.


Use visually striking graphics to drive engagement and tell compelling stories. Infographics are great for breaking down complex information into easy to digest bite-sized pieces. There are several online tools you can use to create photos and infographics with front overlays.

Pics Taken by you

You cannot use stock photos everywhere. If you are unable to find pics matching unique themes, use pictures taken by you. You can take good pictures even without expensive equipment. Use proper technique when taking pics. Resize photos before uploading them.

Some Tips to Remember When Using Images


Use Relevant Images

Use relevant and visually appealing images. Think about images your audience would want to see when they visit your website. If, for example, you are an HVAC company, your audience would want to see pictures from installation projects. Don’ t use images just for the sake of it. Use mages that add value to your posts and capture attention and pique curiosity.

Optimize Your Images

Images take too much space. Large files can negatively impact your page’s load time. To save space, optimize images before using them. Use a tool that compresses images without affecting image quality.

Integrate Icons

Icons can be used  to organize and declutter a site. Use icons to break up text and keep your target audience engaged. Look for icons with symbolic meaning. You can, for example, use a house-shaped  icon on your homepage.

Use Multiple Images for Products

Upload multiple images of your products. Take pics from different angles. Use images to show the full scale of your products or show them in use.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind When Optimizing Images

  • Optimize your alt attributes and thumbnails
  • Choose image angles and dimensions carefully
  • Compress images
  • Optimize thumbnails

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