COVID-19 has impacted businesses of all shapes and sizes. This unprecedented crisis has forced digital marketers around the world to rethink their digital marketing strategy.

They say, after every dark night, comes a glorious morning. Once the COVID-19 crisis subsides, businesses will compete to grab and keep customers’ attention. In the battle to woo customers, an effective digital marketing strategy will give you a competitive advantage.

Follow these tips to build a powerful digital marketing strategy that will enable you to cut through the clutter and crush the competition.

Revisit and Update Your Buyer Personas

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. Assuming that your target audience will have the same beliefs and motivations post COVID-19 as they were earlier, is the last thing you want to do.

Once the pandemic is over, revisit and update your buyer personas, as the social distancing norms and stay-at-home protocols may have impacted the concerns, interests, feelings, and problems of your target audience.

When redefining your personas, keep your customers’ needs in mind. Focus on discovering new personas. To get actionable insights, gather and analyze feedback.

Closely and Constantly Monitor Your Customer Journey

Monitoring the customer journey in a post-COVID world will be more important than ever. From buyer behavior and personas to competition and the market, every factor that impacts the business environment is changing. Use marketing automation technology to score your leads as they move from the top to bottom of your sales funnel.

Rethink Messaging

Adapt your messages to the new reality. Bring empathy into your content. Brainstorm humane messages that show that your brand empathizes with your audience.

Many brands are bracing for the new normal. A study that involved analyzing the activity of 1,100 brands on social media found that they used 27 percent fewer pictures and videos showing physical closeness between people.

Make the Most of Your Customer Database

Use a marketing automation solution with a robust client relationship management system that allows you to leverage your database of current and potential customers. Come up with a plan that leverages automation to send customers relevant communications, moving them to action.

Revisit Your Content Mix

People are spending more time online and on social media. There is no indication that this state of affairs is going to change anytime soon. To make your brand stand out, create engaging content. Get creative. Add videos, webinars, interactive tutorials, and animations to your content mix.

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