How to Get a Business To Show Up on the Right Hand Side Of Google?

What is Google’s Knowledge Panel and why you Should get one?

Almost every Google search for entities (companies, people, things, and places) serves up an information bar on the right side of the results page. This box is known as the Knowledge Panel.

A Knowledge Panel displays important information (about the business you are searching for) such as company name, links to their website and social profiles, phone number, logo, location, hours of operation, reviews, and pictures. A Knowledge Panel is designed to help users get a snapshot of information on relevant topics.

Google’s Knowledge Panel presents the results of its Knowledge Graph. Introduced in 2012, the Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base used by the search engine giant to enhance its search results. If you want to be found for different search terms such as your name or your brand/business name, consider getting a Knowledge Panel.

A Knowledge Panel can increase your business’s online visibility and help establish authority. When a business is featured in a Knowledge Panel, it gains more engagement. On mobile devices, your Knowledge Panel will appear between other results.

Acquiring a Knowledge Panel is a great way to make your business stand out in search results. A Knowledge Panel can help you get more clicks and will make it easier for your target audience to find you.

Types of Knowledge Panels

There are two types of Knowledge Panels-brand panels and local panels. A brand panel contains general entity information such as product descriptions and incorporation dates. A local panel, on the other hand, contains localized information such as reviews and local addresses.

How to Acquire a Knowledge Panel for Your Business

The decision to show a Knowledge Panel rests with Google. You can take the following steps to improve your chances of getting a Knowledge Panel.

Invest in Local SEO 

Knowledge Graphs are generated from company details listed on Google’s business platform, Google My Business. Google My Business has several tools that you can use to showcase your business’s information, engage with your target audience, and gain insights into how users are interacting with your Knowledge Graph.

To get started, create a Google My Business account. You will be required to provide information about your business such as operating hours and address.  After you’ve logged into the platform, build your online profile. Verify that you’re the owner of the business. Keep your business info up to date.

How to Create a Business Listing

Steps to creating a business listing

  • Select your Google business account email and sign in
  • Search for your business- you can locate your business by name and address. If you can’t find your business, select the option that says you don’t see a match. Next, add your business
  • Enter important information such as your business type (you will be given multiple options to categorize your industry. Select at least three best matches related to your niche
  • Tell Google you are authorized to manage the business. Next, verify your business- Google will ask you to verify your business by using a code (that will be snail-mailed to you)
  • Take a tour of the platform to get familiar with it
  • Set up your profile by adding important information about your business

Make Sure Your Website is Properly Coded With Structured Data

Structured markup allows Google to recognize data on your website. The organization and local business schema markups are among the most important schema markups. The organization schema signals that you are a brand. Adding your social profiles links will increase the chances of them appearing in the Knowledge Panel. If you are a local business use the Local Business markup to appear for local searches. You can also describe the type of your business.

Get Reviews

There are several ways to get reviews. Reward users for writing reviews. Simplify the process of leaving reviews. Thank every reviewer. Create a Google reviews page on your website or leave a Google review CTA in your footer.

Do not use fake reviews. Google is getting smarter with every passing year and will weed out spammers. If you are caught using phony reviews your reputation can take a hit.

Stay Active on Social media

Google’s Knowledge Graph includes links to your official website and social media profiles. The graph will feature your social links only if you publish content regularly. Post actively on Google+ (as Google owns Google+, posting regularly on it can earn you some brownie points with the search engine giant).

Use Keywords Appropriately

Try to use your target keywords in your business description. Avoid keyword stuffing.

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