Google Officially Launches ‘Licensable’ Image Label and Filter in Image Search

Using images in your content is one of the most effective ways to boost your content reach and engagement. Images pique interest, improve SEO, and help you better connect with your readers. Most digital marketing agencies in Mississauga either use their own pictures or use images from free online depositories.

Image copyright online is a difficult area. There are several ambiguities in the current law. Content creators use Google Image Usage Rights filters to find images listed under reuse filters (such as labeled for reuse and labeled for non-commercial use) that indicate they can be legally used in posts and updates.

All images listed under reuse filters are, however, not free to use. Users still have to study licensing requirements (which can be very extensive) to ensure they do not violate copyright.

Google has recently launched a Licensable image badge in image results. The new update makes it easier for users to find the information they are looking for. The search engine giant has also modified the Usage Rights search filter.

These changes will help people easily find visuals they can reuse with permission. Powered by structural data, the badge is a part of Google’s initiative to help image owners get paid for their images.

Google started testing the Licensable badge in February this year. Before testing the badge, it consulted the Center of the Picture Industry and other news and image associations about ways to increase awareness on image licensing and help image owners get paid and credited for their images.

Image owners who use either or IPTC metadata formats will be eligible for the Licensable badge.

Google has said it will display a Licensable badge over images with licensing information (provided by the image owner). When a user selects a badged image, Google will show them a link to the license details. Users will also be able to purchase or license images by clicking on a link.

Users can use Google’s new Usage Rights filter to filter search results, and only access images with licensing information. When performing an image search, select Creative Commons licenses or Commercial and other licenses from the Usage Rights dropdown menu.

When you click on an image in the Google Images preview, you will be able to view the license details and will be directed to the terms of use page provided by the owner or licensor. There may even be a link that directs you to a page where you can either acquire or license the image.

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