Google Not Indexing Your Site? Here Are Some Probable Reasons

Website indexing is the process used by Google and other search engines to understand the functionality of a site and its pages. To index a website a Google crawler visits it. The crawler analyzes website content to determine if it is useful and relevant. Once a website is indexed, Google adds it to its index. The pages stored in Google index are displayed as part of SERPs.

No matter how good your site is, if Google can’t index it, it won’t show up in search results as Google considers sites it can’t index irrelevant. To search a site that cannot be indexed by google, users should remember the website URL and type it in the address bar.

Some Google Indexing Criteria

When deciding whether to index a website, Google checks the following things

  • Alignment with popular searches
  • Content quality
  • Site navigation-how easy or difficult is the site to navigate
  • Backlinks-to be indexed, a website should have relevant and high quality backlinks

Common Indexing Mistakes

Ignoring Crawling Issues

Some common causes of crawling issues include

  • Incorrectly placed directives in robot.txt file
  • A misconfigured .htaccess file-can create infinite loops preventing the site from loading
  • DNS issues or connectivity problems
  • Incorrect URL parameters that offer wrong information about dynamic links

To get Google to index your site, fix these issues as soon as possible.

Lack of Enough High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are an important ranking signal in Google’s search algorithm. High quality backlinks indicate that website users have given the website a vote of confidence. They also tell Google that the webpage content is worth linking to and should be displayed in SERPs.

Google does not consider websites that do not have enough high quality backlinks worthy of indexing. Low quality, irrelevant backlinks can do more harm than good. Make a conscious effort to earn high authority backlinks. In addition to boosting your site’s indexability, high quality backlinks can help build trust and credibility.

Using Low Quality Content

Low quality content has no value in the eyes of Google. If your site has low quality content, Google is unlikely to index it. When creating content for your website, watch out for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Make sure your content answers burning questions your target audience has or solves their pain points. Impactful content is engaging and aligns with search intent. Make sure your headlines pique your readers’ interest and draw them in.

Using Complex Coding Language

Google may avoid indexing websites that use coding languages in a way that’s too complex for it to understand. No matter which language you use, if the settings are incorrect, indexing and crawling issues can occur.

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