Email Marketing Campaign Strategies for a Successful Campaign

Digital marketing agencies in Ottawa and elsewhere use emails to promote products and services and build relationships with their target audiences. This is known as email marketing.

There are several benefits of email marketing. It is cost-effective, can help build credibility and drive website traffic. Emails can be used to deliver targeted and personalized content.

Here are some strategies for a winning campaign.

Personalize Your Messages

Sending personalized messages is a great way to make your emails stand out in a cluttered inbox. Studies show that personalized emails can generate $20 in ROI for every $1 invested.  Here are some effective email personalization practices

  • Address the receiver by their name: When you address an email receiver by their name, you make them feel that they are being treated like a real person, not a number
  • Create standouts: To make your customers feel valued, wish them on special occasions such as their anniversaries and birthdays. Attach personalized greeting cards with your emails
  • Suggest relevant products: Send emails recommending products based on your customers’ previous purchases.
  • Use emails to explain the features of a product a customer just purchased: After a customer buys a product, send them an email with images and videos explaining the features of the product and the right way to use it

Automate Email Campaigns 

Triggered emails or transactional emails or behavioral emails are sent out automatically based on user behavior. Some common forms of trigger-based emails are welcome emails, transactional emails, and thank you emails. Open rates for trigger-based emails are up to 49 percent.

Their average CTR is almost 200 percent more than traditional emails. A study by Forrester Research found that trigger-based email campaigns can generate four times more profit and 18 times more revenue.

Here are some examples of trigger-based emails

  • Welcome emails: Welcome your new subscribers by sending emails that introduce your brand
  • Reactivation emails: Send reactivation emails to inactive subscribers. Gently remind them of what they are missing out by not using your services
  • Abandoned cart emails: Whenever a customer abandons their shopping cart, send them an email with product reviews and graphics explaining why they should buy the product

Make Sure Your Emails are Mobile friendly  

In 2020, around 46 percent of emails were opened on mobile devices. If the end-user is unable to read your emails on their mobile device, your messages may go unnoticed and you may miss out on opportunities to engage your current and potential buyers.

Here are some ways to optimize your emails for mobile devices.

  • Use a responsive email design
  • Keep emails concise and to-the-point as text-heavy emails do not perform well on mobile devices
  • Make your CTA button big, bold and simple to click
  • Format your emails. Use a simple stacked layout

DiziExperts is a leading digital marketing agency in Ottawa. Our expertise allows us to create winning digital marketing strategies. For more information contact us at +1 905 448 2900.

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