Economical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Business

Our generation is privileged enough to live in a flat, or let’s say, an almost flat world; in which everyone has equal opportunity to improve, advance, and succeed. The Internet entails businesses with immense power over how their business, its image, and its products appear to their customers. Each of us is aware of the term search engine optimization (SEO) and also of its numerous benefits. However, most of the Internet users still remain ignorant about the power of search engine optimization, and the techniques of search engine optimization that can be implemented. Also, there is tremendous ignorance about how exactly search engine optimization can help your business do well and how to enforce and execute search engine optimization to do so. Given below are some SEO tips and techniques for economical search engine optimization (SEO) for small businesses.

When should search engine optimization be done?

Though a competent search engine optimization expert can help make an existing website better, it is always advisable to employ immaculate SEO techniques from the inception of a website. Using SEO from the beginning, ensures accurate and appropriate application of SEO techniques and thereby, provides more return on investment.

SEO Techniques: Design

A good website design is essential to ensure the success of a website. Think of this step as a gift wrapping exercise, though, contrary to the fact that a good gift is always appreciated irrespective of the wrapping; a good, even an exceptional website content, without a good website design, will never be accepted and will not gain the appreciation it deserves. Accordingly, even a small business should ensure that its website is designed by a professional or by employing website design services, and that the website has a sleek look and feel, with professional graphic design. Although it may involve considerable expenses, a good design contributes significantly to the success of a business website. As most managers will agree, the look and feel has a strong influence on a customer. Thus, SEO strategies in terms of web designing will include:

  • Layout and graphics
  • Pleasing use of colors
  • Easy readability

All the other SEO techniques will build upon the designing aspect of the website. The search engine optimization strategies that can be employed at the design phase are as follows:

Strategic placement of content

The content needs to be placed in a way that adequate importance is given to the actual content on a particular webpage. In addition to this, the content should be added in a way that the relevant links within the site are also prominently visible.

Break-up of content

This is a trick employed by many websites to increase the number of clicks to a particular webpage. It is also quite successful, as the use of this SEO strategy benefits the reader, in addition to making the website search engine friendly. In this SEO technique, the content is split up into parts and links to each portion are provided either at the top of the webpage; or else, the content is split up and placed on different webpages to form a pool. In the latter application of this SEO technique, every webpage has a link to all the other webpages in the pool. The creation of a pool of pages proves to be a good optimization technique, as every page has relevant links. Additionally, the readability also improves.

Accessibility and site map creation

For any website to be search engine friendly, it should be ensured that the search engine crawlers can access each page on the website with ease. This can be ascertained by ensuring that each page is accessible using at least one static link. An appropriate site map of the website should be created, and if necessary, it should be split up into manageable parts. Application of this strategy also inherently ensures that every page is easily accessible to the reader.


A URL name that clearly gives an indication of the content on the webpage, facilitates a good search engine ranking, in addition to being user-friendly.

Advertising and profit generation

This involves a number of SEO strategies, including the decisions of the type of internet advertisements included on a webpage, the location of these ads, and also the advertisement approach and service to be employed. It is an observation that a pay-per-click advertisement approach works well with both small as well as large businesses.

SEO Techniques: Content Management

The quality of the website content is the most important point to be considered. Every other SEO technique will fail to generate efficacious results, if the website content is not up to the mark. The content should be accurate, devoid of grammatical and spelling errors, readable with proper formatting, useful, should be easy to understand, and most importantly, should not be plagiarized in any way.

Search-based Content

This SEO technique involves the incorporation of content on the website, which is being searched for. This helps generate and increase traffic for the website. However, it is important to remember that the content development should be accurate and easy to understand, and should be preferably written by an expert in that particular field.


SEO technique of keyword research can be employed. The webpage should contain enough keyword density. A good search engine optimizer can ensure that a webpage contains enough keyword density. However, care should be taken that the content does not appear spammy.

Natural links

This SEO strategy of link building, when properly employed, will generate traffic and thereby, profits by guaranteeing that every webpage has a fair number of links to other relevant webpages and also backlinks from other webpages, within your website. Good content also ensures that a webpage is linked to, by an external website.

When applying SEO techniques, it is of utmost importance to ensure that no illegal way is undertaken. Beware of the following:

  • Shadowing
  • Doorways
  • Fake traffic generation
  • Fake links/ Link Schemes
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden text or Link
  • Irrelevant keyword ingestion
  • Duplication of content
  • Spamming

There are quite a few other SEO strategies that can be employed. Various SEO tools are available as well. The meticulous and legitimate application of these economical SEO techniques will undoubtedly translate into exceptionally profitable results for your business.

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