Common Mistakes in Website Designs You Should Know and How to Avoid Them

One of the most important factors that affect your website’s performance is its design. Your website design has a major impact on its user experience. It can make or break your online business.

Whether you are building a new website from scratch or are revamping an existing site, steer clear of these common website design mistakes.

Cluttering up the Web design

The modern consumer is a voracious consumer of data. They make several data-driven decisions every day. Too little information and you run the risk of not delivering the solution your target audience is looking for. Too much information and you may end up with a solution that is hard to consume, access or understand.

In their desperation, many website designers clutter their websites with content. Too much information will not just clutter your website, but can confuse your target audience and lead to information overload.

Maintaining a website with an unstructured web design can seem like an uphill struggle.  Many website designs companies in Mississauga and elsewhere understand the importance of   building scalable designs from the beginning.

They follow a divide and conquer strategy which involves dividing the overall website interface into different webpages and dividing each webpage interference constituent into reusable blocks.

Poor Website navigation

Website navigation issues can turn away existing and potential customers. If your navigation menu is hard to find or your website has several broken links, your target audience may ditch you for your competitor.

Poor website navigation will not just frustrate users, but will make it extremely difficult for search engine crawlers to understand your website. Ensure all navigational aspects of your website are easy to understand and notice. Prioritize internal linking between important pages.

Not Optimizing Your Website for Mobile devices

Mobile internet usage has been growing steadily since the last few years. If you have still not optimized your website for mobile devices, you are missing out on opportunities. Here are some ways to optimize a website for mobile.

  • Resize your images and compress files
  • Use Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Implement schema markup
  • Use a responsive web design
  • Get rid of Flash and pop ups

Using Ugly, Irrelevant or Large Images

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of images in web design. Images on your website can increase dwell time and help improve your website performance.

You need to be very careful when incorporating imagery in your web design. Ugly or irrelevant images can do more harm than good. They can leave your target audience, eventually turning them off.

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