Earlier this month, Google announced that it will be changing the name of Google Webmasters Central to Google Search Central. When it was launched in 2005, the solution was known as Google Sitemaps. In 2006, Google rechristened it Webmaster Central.

Google will be revamping the branding with a new mascot.  The search engine giant is also introducing a new sidekick (a spider robot) for Googlebot. Google  is yet to decide on a name and is accepting suggestions.

In a post explaining the change, Google says a study conducted by it revealed that very few digital marketing professionals in Mississauga and elsewhere identify themselves as webmasters.The term webmaster is dated and should be phased out.

Google believes Google Search Central is a more accurate term for the content published under the Webmaster Central channels. The focus of the content has been and will always be to help site owners and administrators improve the visibility of their website.

Google Webmaster Central properties including help forums, the blog, social channels and guidelines will now be redirected to the new location.

Google said the name change will affect webmasters, CEOs, website owners, bloggers and web developers. The name change will apply to the Webmaster Central blog and social channels (including the YouTube channel and the Twitter account).

Google has already started migrating content from one location to another. It expects to complete the migration process in a few weeks.

Most of the old content including email lists and RSS feeds will be redirected. The Webmaster Help Community is being renamed Google Search Central Help Community.

Search-related documentation, Webmaster Central blogs and Webmaster pages are moving to the new site ( https://developers.google.com/search/).

The blogs are changing as well, however, you might not notice any changes as Google will migrate RSS feeds and email subscriptions. Google will centralize the main blog and 13 localized blogs to one location.

This will make it easier for users to find content and switch between languages. These changes will also make it easier for Google to publish content in  a more localized location.

Here is the new URL to all archived and new blog posts- https://developers.google.com/search/blog .

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